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Catholic Sports Radio - Keara Mooberry

  She has been a swimmer for probably more of her life than not, starting from a young age to club teams to high school to college and even participating today in US Masters Swimming. Plus, she also coached high school swimming, AND she is going to be a judge at CYO swim meets. Along the way, as a student-athlete, she also competed in cycling. She has also come to see the connection between swimming and her faith, which she talks about here. As a wife and a mother, she also has a side business that serves those same roles and is influenced by her Catholic faith.

Catholic Sports Radio - Brett Meister

  He spent 23 years working for the Harlem Globetrotters, leading the team's Communications Department. During that time, he arranged two visits to the Vatican and accompanied the Globetrotters players to meet Pope John Paul II and Pope Francis. Previously he had served as VP of Communications for the Continental Basketball Association, working as the league’s main spokesperson and liaison to the NBA and USA Basketball. His international experience also included work on the US Olympic Committee press information team at the 1996 Summer Olympic Games and serving as assistant venue press manager for the 2013 World Baseball Classic. As a student-athlete he played football, baseball, and ran track & field in high school, still holding the school record for 400-meter hurdles and being inducted into their Hall of Fame in 2018. This past March he was named the Director of Communications for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix. He is also a professional sports photographer and prior

Catholic Sports Radio - Pat Macken

  He is a Canadian tennis professional who has been in the industry for 43 years. He served as Director of Tennis at the prestigious Arbutus Club in Vancouver for 34 of those years. He has a Tennis Canada Coach 3 and Club Pro 2 certification and has trained all levels of players from red ball through provincial teams. As a competitor he has won nine National Senior titles and with his brother Tony was part of the top open doubles team in British Columbia for ten years. He has been selected to represent Canada and B.C. in numerous events. He also writes a column on sports and faith for The B.C. Catholic, which is the Archdiocesan newspaper in his area.

Catholic Sports Radio - Vic Ferrari

  He ran cross country track as a student-athlete, has coached flag football, and – now residing in Florida – continues to play competitive co-ed softball. He is a retired New York City Police Department detective who has written six books over the last six years, the latest of which just came out in the latter part of June and is titled, "Confessions of a Catholic High School Graduate." He also tells a fun story here about playing wiffleball in front of an eventual A-list celebrity.