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Catholic Sports Radio - Jordan Langdon

  She is a parent coach, motivational speaker, podcaster, and licensed counselor with Families of Character, which equips parents to lead their children with confidence and courage. As a student-athlete she played both basketball and volleyball, plus talks here about having even been on the men’s golf team, in addition to having ran track too. She also holds the all-important roles of being a wife and a mother (with children that play sports) and has thoughts about her experience at the gym and, “belonging to a team at home,” as she has discussed on *her* podcast and as is talked about during this episode.

Catholic Sports Radio - Matt Hoven

  He is a professor and Kule Chair at St. Joseph's College, a Catholic college at the University of Alberta, in Edmonton, Canada. Three months ago marked the release of a book he co-authored, called, "On the Eighth Day: A Catholic Theology of Sport," and three years ago he was the lead editor of a book titled, "Sport and Christianity: Practices for the Twenty-First Century." He even has another book that he is working on, which is talked about in this interview. As part of his higher education, he studied at The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC. As a student-athlete he played high school basketball and in his adult years has done some coaching and has played recreational sports.

Catholic Sports Radio - Ed Hastings

  He played college basketball at Villanova, including playing with the Wildcats for the national championship and being chosen by the Boston Celtics in the NBA Draft. He would go on to become an assistant coach for men's basketball at Villanova and nowadays is a professor in the Theology Religious Studies department there. At one point he was director of the Center for Sport, Spirituality, and Character Development at Neumann College, where he also served as the chaplain for the men's basketball team. He also spent 15-plus years as a priest.

Catholic Sports Radio - George Rose

  He is the Executive Advisor of Pacific Rim Operations with the New York Yankees, which includes having served as a Japanese translator for the likes of Hideki Irabu, Masahiro Tanaka, and Hideki Matsui, among others. As a student-athlete he had competed in baseball, soccer, rugby, and track & field. He also serves as an advisor for Japan's Yomiuri Giants baseball team. He is a board member of "Catholic Men for Jesus Christ," a now 25-year old organization. He also has a radio show called, "Brothers in Arms," which airs monthly. And, he is a cancer survivor who by far is not only the first person to come on this show with a story about a miracle that would help confirm a saint, but probably the ONLY person who will be a guest and have that kind of witness to share -- the closest that any of us will come to hearing something like this firsthand.