Catholic Sports Radio - George Rose

 He is the Executive Advisor of Pacific Rim Operations with the New York Yankees, which includes having served as a Japanese translator for the likes of Hideki Irabu, Masahiro Tanaka, and Hideki Matsui, among others. As a student-athlete he had competed in baseball, soccer, rugby, and track & field. He also serves as an advisor for Japan's Yomiuri Giants baseball team. He is a board member of "Catholic Men for Jesus Christ," a now 25-year old organization. He also has a radio show called, "Brothers in Arms," which airs monthly. And, he is a cancer survivor who by far is not only the first person to come on this show with a story about a miracle that would help confirm a saint, but probably the ONLY person who will be a guest and have that kind of witness to share -- the closest that any of us will come to hearing something like this firsthand.


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