Catholic Sports Radio - Harry Perretta

 He served for 42 years at Villanova University as the head women's basketball coach, tied for the most seasons at one school at all divisions in the history of NCAA women's college basketball. A private, Catholic school, Villanova saw their women's basketball team record 783 wins during his time as coach, which started when he was just 22 years old -- the youngest coach to ever head a women's varsity program at Villanova. He played his college basketball at Lycoming and went on to become a student assistant coach and coach of the junior varsity team before starting his four-plus decades career with the Wildcats. He also has a strong spiritual connection with someone considered to be arguably the greatest player he coached and whose faith story came to be told nationally.


  1. Awful production and a terrible podcast in general. Sinking ship, very unfortunate. Listeners shouldn’t be fooled by these lazy and mediocre work . Hiding behind a Catholic brand trying to hide the truth from the listener. Pathetic.


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